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  Rebecca Fitzsimmons 2015 | | 352.224.5885  
Paper Trail Project

I completed the paper trail project as part of my LIS course on teaching information literacy. It was a useful project because it combined a practical objective—to define and narrow a research question and conduct subsequent research—with techniques for teaching this process. The reflections include both a research journal tracking my search process and a description of how this assignment could be used in my own teaching practices. I have provided a link to the full paper.

I have included this project in my portfolio because it contains extensive reflections on how I would tailor such a project to fit into an information literacy instructional session. I have used XMind mind mapping software to facilitate my own brainstorming process and have discussed possible uses of this tool within an ILI session. Identifying and refining information needs are core information literacy concepts and this exercise can provide valuable practice for students in both the initial and subsequent research stages of addressing those needs.

Mind Map Created Using XMind Software:

mind map graphic