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  Rebecca Fitzsimmons 2015 | | 352.224.5885  
Digital Library

Digitization project for the Matheson Museum in Gainesville Florida

I am working with the Matheson Museum Library to scan a collection of approximately 1,200 stereoscopic view cards and create an accompanying finding aid for the physical objects as well as the digital files. I am using the Dublin Core element set to create metadata records for the objects. In addition to creating a digital surrogate for each object, the museum library is working toward making this collection of historic Florida-focused cards available online. This will create a useful tool for those interested in research on Florida counties, stereoscope history, and the development of the state. Below I have included a link to my preliminary design for a digital library created using Omeka software. I have also included a link to a paper written for one of my LIS digital libraries courses that explains my process, design considerations, and future directions for the library.

I have included this project in my portfolio because I strongly believe that libraries must consider increasing information access to be a primary goal; making well-curated collections available via the Internet is one way to increase awareness and usage of both digital and physical collections. Additionally, working with digital materials is a key ability in the current library environment; digital library creation, web design, and teaching and interacting with patrons in online environments are all complementary skills and endeavors.

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Florida Views: Development and Vision:

Creating the Florida Views: Development and Vision Digital Library:
Paper in PDF format